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Who is a reader?

A reader

is more than a name in register. Each reader is a brain & brow, man or woman, child or adult with human aspirations

is more than an Identification Number. We can’t afford our sympathies to interfer with necessary runs. But we shall never stiff necked attitude.

is more than an intellectual situation. It is not a book on Social Stratification in UDC class no 301.44 or CC no Y,4:4. We understand your demand with personal problems, hopes, plans and need for understanding. We treat you just like yourself.

is more than a phonetic syllable during the dialogue. Each query we receive no matter how minor it seems,is important to the reader and merits our prompt and deserved attention.

is never an imposter on our time. The reader is the reason we are serving here. Minding him/her only is our business .

is not an outsider. The reader is truly an insider. Infact he/she is our boss, VIP in our Library.

is not a favour seeker. We do not confer a favour when we serve the reader doing something for a reader. This is the reason why we are here; to render service to the readers.

Library visitors are our guests. Just as we treat our guests with consideration and courtesy in our own home, so shall we act towards our guests – the library visitor

Readers are consumers of Knowledge. An indespensible need for human life for its sustenance & growth

Knowledge has an unique quality that more you spend the more it enriches you

व्यये कृते वर्धते सेव नित्यं विद्या धनं सर्व धन:प्रधानं 

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