Beyond Library: Status of our Indian Libraries today

By Samba Murthy 342 comments

Just one or two generations back, if you have seen a Library you know how it was.
Backyard of the buildings, Books in locked rooms, locked Almirahs or heaps of books in openAlmirahs, just some care taker in some corner.One or two Tables with some chairs.
Not at all such scenes in all libraries of course !

S R Ranganathan identifies some five parameters for any Library system:
Libraries are characterised by their collection for whom it is for use
Collection is planned for different strata of readers;
All strata of readers are taken care of in Acquisition of collection
Collection is properly processed and arranged for quick & pointed use
Care is always taken for balanced growth while upgrading the collection

We had then School libraries,College Libraries,University Libraries, Public Libraries too.
Also, somewhere in early freedom-fight days ,late 1950s & early 60s a new popular Library system got evolved: Circulating libraries in every nook & corner of our nation ;
Circulating Books ,Magazines & Newspapers in regional languages and in English too.
Some by Associations, clubs, Ashrams, even individuals with memberships free or on small subscription fees or circulation charges.

Real profession of Librarians &Library System got evolved steadily by the efforts of literary & Academic &Research Scholars , at colleges, universities, Government and research Institutions,Civil and Defence Organisations, Professional and Specialists Associations all over our developing nation.

Different types of Libraries, Public library, Academic Library, Specialists Library, Contact Library ,Depository Library got organised based on their Objectives & target audience criteria .

Mentioned should be made among them Dr S Radhakrishnan, Dr S R Ranganathan,
Dr BS Keshavan of all the innumerable contributors who gave structure & forms of organisation for Scientific management of Indian Library System on modern lines.

Dr Radhakrishnan a philosophy professor,strived to make libraries as a pivotal hub component in Academic, Scientific & Technical institutions by linking budget for book collection with staff &Users ratios,acclaimed as a pioneer in Indian educational reforms
& UGC norms

Dr S R Ranganthan a Mathematics Professor made his contribution unique in the sense he devloped a holistic model on all facets of entire Universe of Library management system right from defining its components framing canons,codes & laws for their inter relationship & functions. Universally acclaimed as Father of Library science

Dr B S Keshavan a professor of English Literature developed National library as a repository of entire national Intellectual wealth published in print form &available in manuscript forms too in all our Indian Languages and compilation of Indian National multilingual Bibliography acclaimed as a creator curator of Our National Library