Parts of a Book: Anatomy & Physiology of a Book: Its Structure & functions

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Prelims: Contents Text: with commentary prelims: Appendix.  About the Authors  

Parts of a Book

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Facet Analysis : Ranganathan’s Concepts

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PMEST: are the facets  Personality, Methodical, Energetic, Spatial , Temporal are the five facets  Facet analysis are sequenced in  reverse order: TSEMP Temporal, Spatial, Energetic, Methodical, Personality Sequenced facets  Each facet sequence can be attached with Isolates  Terminology in each of the above in each subject facets & isolates are standardised Each term in the facet […]

What is a Book?

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A Book is a mental product of human activity transformed to Physical graphic format A Book is a physical entity containing atleast 25+Pages in manuscript or format print A Book is a bound product in paper or its substitutes in manuscript or in print format. A Book is bound on One side only & Other […]