Parts of a Book: Anatomy & Physiology of a Book: Its Structure & functions

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Parts of a Book

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Facet Analysis : Ranganathan’s Concepts

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PMEST: are the facets  Personality, Methodical, Energetic, Spatial , Temporal are the five facets  Facet analysis are sequenced in  reverse order: TSEMP Temporal, Spatial, Energetic, Methodical, Personality Sequenced facets  Each facet sequence can be attached with Isolates  Terminology in each of the above in each subject facets & isolates are standardised Each term in the facet […]

National Librarian’s Day

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We are celebrating our National Librarian’s Day on Aug 12 on the occasion of the birth day of Dr S R Ranganathan who is universally acclaimed as “Father Of Library Science”, by commemorating the contributions of all the veteran Librarians, who selflessly struggled & served in the evolution of a viable Library System in pre […]

Beyond Library: Status of our Indian Libraries today

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Just one or two generations back, if you have seen a Library you know how it was. Backyard of the buildings, Books in locked rooms, locked Almirahs or heaps of books in openAlmirahs, just some care taker in some corner.One or two Tables with some chairs. Not at all such scenes in all libraries of […]

Who is a reader?

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A reader is more than a name in register. Each reader is a brain & brow, man or woman, child or adult with human aspirations is more than an Identification Number. We can’t afford our sympathies to interfer with necessary runs. But we shall never stiff necked attitude. is more than an intellectual situation. It […]